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Сохранить TImageList в файл со всем содержимым

// There are ready-made methods for saving any component including all its children to a file.
// For writing components use WriteComponentResFile(path + source filename , component name source)
// For reading the data back to a component:
// component := ReadComponentResFile(path + source filename , component name traget)
imagelist1 := ReadComponentResFile('c:\imagelist1.bin', nil) as TImagelist;
// Tip 1 - Reading the component will give the same name of the component written so don't try to
// load it to another component, even if it was the same type. You will get a duplicate name and
// delphi will crash. But you can jump over this as a programmer
// Tip 2 - Get benfit of storing the heavy components inside compressed files,
// so you can get smaller programs

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