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Установка Kylix под новые версии Linux (ядро 2.6)


Взято с

Follow these steps to fix/patch kylix 3 work:

Step 1

Download the ilink and patch provided by Andreas Hausladen here:

ilinkpatch for more info on the patch go to

To install just go to the download directory and run

./ilinkPatch /home/yourname/kylix

Step 2

Download the latest 3.6 clx patch provided by Andreas Hausladen from or here. Copy or save this file to /tmp folder

Install the patch by executing the following from the shell

tar -jxf k3patches.20040915.tar.bz2


Step 3

Download and install the older compatible glibc libraries for running kylix apps from here. Save or copy it to /tmp.

Install by runing from the shell

rpm -i /tmp/compat-glibc-6.2-

Now the patching is complete.... now to run kylix do the following

Step 4

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.21

Step 5

Run/Start kylix via


Step 6

Open your project and change your projects include directories via the project options by adding



as the very first include paths to that your include paths..

this will fix the error so that the correct "time.h" be included.

Step 7

Change your lib paths by adding (preferably in the beginning)

/usr/i386-glibc21-linux/lib and



Open the ThrdDemo (the c++ demo included with Kylix in the examples directory) This sample demonstrates the use of threads and different sort algorithms... (remember step 6+7 for this project).

Compile and run/debug....

Congatulations!!! your have done it!!!