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Как восстановить целостность автоинкрементного поля?



Recently I got unique key violations during insert attempts on a piece of code that used to work (what can go bad, will go bad). I found that the offending field - was actually created by a generator. For some reason the generator returned values that where already in the database.

·how can I display the current value of the generator?
·how can I adjust the value of the generator?


See the example (table name is SD_LOAD, generator name is GEN_SD_LOAD).


You cannot modify the value of the generator inside of a trigger or stored procedure. You only can call the gen_id() function to increment the value in a generator. The SET GENERATOR command will only work outside of a stored procedure or trigger.

SELECT DISTINCT(GEN_ID(gen_sd_load, 0))FROM sd_load

set GENERATOR gen_sd_load to 2021819

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